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West Point Depot


The West Point Depot is the historic site for transfer of freight between Montgomery and Atlanta in the late 1800s. Because Georgia and Alabama had different gauge railroad tracks, it was necessary for all trains traveling between the two states to stop in West Point, located at the state line. Thus established the town with its ties to the railroad and a community renowned for its southern hospitality to travelers.

Today, this completely renovated and restored freight depot has resumed its stature at the juncture between two states and symbolically represents our small town's pride in our past and anticipation of our future. From our grassroots as a textile empire in the late 1800s and continuing for over a century, to our current enterprises in of technology, telecommunications, higher education, and automotive manufacturing, West Point is a growing community of thriving industry and residents. KIA Motors Manufacturing Georgia and its many suppliers pour businesses, jobs, and residents into our area. Point University relocated to our town in 2008, bringing faculty and students. Restaurants, lodging, and a variety of stores are all feeling the positive impact of our growing economy.

Situated along the Chattahoochee River at the far western edge of the Georgia state line between Atlanta and Montgomery, West Point exhibits distinct chapters in the transportation industry. Founded along the river to enable transportation of textile products, the town became a key railroad location during the American Civil War, and currently enjoy the prosperity of being home to one of America's largest automotive plants.


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*To reach our destination from Montgomery.*
Take I-85N to Exit 79, US-29 toward LANETT/VALLEY. Turn left onto Broad Ave/US-29/AL-15. The West Point Depot will be approximately 2 miles on your right at the AL-GA state line.

*To reach our destination from Atlanta.*
Take I-85S to Exit 2, GA-18 toward WEST POINT. Turn right onto GA-18W. Proceed approximately 2 miles. Turn left onto US-29/GA-14/GA-18/3rd Ave. The West Point Depot will be on your left at the GA-AL state line.